Entrepreneurs Anonymous is for visionaries who have placed their passion on the back burner for many different reasons. These visionaries daydream about leaving a legacy doing what they know in their hearts they were placed on this earth to do. These visionaries have denied their truth and have officially remained anonymous for years. They keep giving their dreams their leftovers.

SACRIFICES :: You're going to have to make sacrifices in life, regardless of which road you decide to take. So, why not make sacrifices that keep you honorable to yourself?  Honoring yourself will ensure that you better honor those around you. It involves making the right sacrifices at the right time as well as asking yourself the right questions on a daily basis. It boils down to being willing to let go of what you thought could replace your truth or finally making your truth an equal priority in your life. It all starts in the mind. 

Can you confidently fill in the blanks below? If not, we need to chat!

My name is __________. I am certain that I was created and placed on this earth to _______________ because I have removed all fears and I am unapologetically living my truth. Each day I rise, I get excited about sharing my love for/of __________ with the world because it is my passion, so it comes naturally to me.  The biggest sacrifice I had to make in order to live my truth was letting go of_________ and finally realizing ____________.  It's so beautiful and amazing! 


Seeking Confirmation!

You know something within keeps drawing you towards something bigger, wider, deeper and higher but you're just not sure what. You could use some conversation to assist your confirmation.


Confirmed yet Afraid!

You know exactly what you were placed on this earth to do but you're paralyzed with fear. This dream and purpose is your oxygen supply. You've attempted to move forward on several occasions but you continue to allow distractions and obstacles to cover up your real issues of fear. You could use some conversation to get to the real root of your fear so that you can finally move forward. 


Confirmed & Fearless!

You're ready, willing and able. All you need now is a someone in your corner to keep your accountable and motivated as you move beyond the sacrifices that come along with fulfilling your purpose and destiny. You could also use some guidance and support in the area of affordable resources to help you get started. 

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